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Five reasons to start texting your customers
Hint: they want you to!

If you’re a services contractor or installer, it’s time to add automated text to your toolkit. In fact, 70% of people say that text messaging is a good way for businesses to get their attention. Here are five ways to use text to interact with your customers.

1. Schedule service appointments

Sixty-one percent of millennials prefer to avoid phone calls. Texting is no problem, though.

Scheduling appointments by text can reduce office workers’ phone time by 80%.
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2. Send service appointment reminders

You don’t like missed appointments and neither do your customers. Do them a favor and remind them by text.

of consumers would like to get appointment reminders by text.

3. Send project status updates

Keep customers updated on the status of their
project: the technician is on the way, their product has arrived, or materials are delayed. They’ll appreciate the heads-up.

of consumers believe that businesses should interact with customers by text more often than they do now.
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4. Offer discounts and deals

Want to stimulate more business? Send customers a text with a discounted offer, a seasonal promotion, or a coupon.

of consumers said they opt-in to a brand’s text messages to receive coupons or deals.

5. Ask for feedback

Texting customers a link to provide fast feedback is a great way to measure your service and increase positive reviews.

Solicited reviews tend to be higher than unsolicited reviews: 4.34 stars out of 5 (vs 3.89).6
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Best practices for customer texting

  • Get permission: Be sure to give customers the option to opt out of personal texts.

  • Limit texts: Too many texts can turn customers off. Try to limit them to service-related texts vs. sales texts.

  • Respect time: Send texts during working hours only. Try to avoid early morning and evening texts, unless your service call is happening during those hours.

  • Keep it short: Text apps give you a small amount of space to deliver your message, so it’s important to get to the point quickly.

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