Webinar: Fast Tips to Drive Profitability for Installers


To generate more profit in 2018, what will be your focus? If you’re working too many hours, worried about your bottom line, and generally stressing about your business, you’re not alone. It’s common for entrepreneurs to struggle to make a decent profit while dealing with labor shortages, rising costs, and the daily grind of running a business.

The good news is, there are things you can do today to make 2018 your best year ever. Cilio Technologies and Contractors Business Solutions recently co-sponsored an online seminar titled “Fast tips to drive profitability for installers.”

The online seminar provided ideas about how to increase profitability using business models from the Profit First methodology and began by defining a business assessment.  The assessment is meant to drive the business owner to understand the current state of the business, define the desired state, and create a plan to get there. Specific topics include:

  • Setting goals and communicating those goals with the team
  • Identifying strategies and tactics – focus on three things
  • Identifying the right kind of work to be profitable and committing to do that work
  • Evaluating your staff – cost versus value
  • Identifying your dashboard and KPI’s
  • Making technology your friend
  • Getting some help if you need it

The entire recorded seminar is available here!


Contractor Business Solutions, Mike Bruno

  • Specializes in providing core business functions for contracting and service firms
  • Bookkeeping and office support services
  • Profit First consulting

Cilio Technologies LLC, Randy Olejnik and David Brass

CiO software for installers

  • Helps installation companies manage projects easily, from PO to invoice
  • Helps installers automate business functions, reduce paperwork, schedule more efficiently, go mobile, and more
  • Used by installers in all 50 states
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