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Field Management Software for the Installed Sales Industry


The Cilio platform is used by installers across all building materials trade categories to include Windows & Doors, Flooring, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels, Landscaping, Roofing, HVAC, Solar, Electrical Construction, Plumbing and others.

Cilio gives you the power to manage leads, orders, projects, materials, and billing, in ONE system. It provides interfaces to Sales Channels (“Big box”, online aggregators, etc.) reducing or eliminating the need for duplicate entry of information.

Better Installation Management For Your Business

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Companies who manage jobs and work with consumers

Female skilled factory worker assembling a bicycle in a factory working on the frame and wheels.


Enterprise companies who manage a network of installers

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Enterprise companies who manage sales channel from manufacturers to installers

Real-time Communications. Anytime, Any Device, Anywhere.

Cilio helps you simplify your business processes, improve team communication, and reduce paperwork.









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Our Customers Succeed

Karen Workman

Blind Wizard

It’s good for us, we use it to implement workflow process for our call center. The support is great! Very responsive! The value is ease of document management, since we do 14,000 transactions per year. It makes workflow tracking documentation accessible online with accurate information.

Kathy Neufeld

East Valley Appliance Repair

Bottom line is that I enjoy my weekends and evenings now, it has literally freed up countless hours for me and I know saved hundreds of trees!!! The stores love it. It really and truly has changed many lives around here. MUCH LESS STRESS AND NO GUESS WORK ON PAPERWORK BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE!! Yay, yay yay!!!!! We have 27 stores, 8 installers and everyone is happier!


Alexander's Flooring

CiO completely revolutionized the way we do business. Productivity is up; we save 4 to 6 hours per day on manual data entry. As of now, 50% of our business is paperless and we’re moving to 100%. Best part is they tailor the software to meet your needs, whatever your installation process is. I love CiO and I know my office staff does too.


Incredible Installations

Better than any other systems I’ve used. Haven’t needed a whole lot of support, however, when questions or issues arise, they are resolved quickly. Top notch support!

Jessica Larkin Garber

Merrifield Builders and Construction

I work for Merrifield Builders and Construction. We utilize CiO and it has really streamlined our business. I would highly recommend this product. I completed several introductions to similar software and products before deciding on this one. None of them compare and offer as much as CiO for the price.

Rocco Hillburn

The HomePro Depot

When my granddaughter was playing around and erased 3/4 of the schedule off my dry erase board, I knew I needed a better solution.

Tina Hopkins

Right Angle Contracting

I’ve looked at a lot of systems, and most had something I liked, but didn’t have everything I needed like Cilio.

Midwest Flooring

CiO affords us the ability to manage our business with not just timely, accurate responses, but with a degree of flexibility that makes us a leader in our field. Flexibility, Accuracy, and Timeliness create the foundation of a functional and thriving business… CiO delivers that foundation allowing us to build our business to bigger and greater heights.


Envision How Much More You Can Accomplish with Cilio