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Designed for Installers

Cilio was built specifically for installation companies and their unique business processes. With Cilio, you can simplify your business processes, improve team communication, and reduce paperwork.

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Cilio helps you manage installation jobs from lead to completion. Our suite of features are tailored to installers, whether you work with Big Box Retailers or manage your own independent installation company. 

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Features for Installers

Cilio was built with installers in mind and is continuously being improved based on installer feedback. Managing installation jobs is the foremost purpose of Cilio’s Installers solution. 

With our ala carte package, you get a quality base of features and the ability to just add functionality needed.

Lead Management

Installers require a solution that allows them to effectively manage leads and communicate with everyone involved. With direct integrations to lead funnels and flooring estimation tools, Cilio gives installers the control they need to run their business.

Install Management

Careful tracking of installations is paramount for any installer. Cilio gives you the power to update jobs, modify workflows, and deliver real time communications with crews and clients even on mobile devices where data connection is unreliable.

Quoting & Payments

Making quotes and processing payments are the lifeblood of any installation company. With complete control directly from your device, you can create and modify quotes and get customer payments directly from your mobile device.


Efficient scheduling of crews requires the ability to cluster jobs based on location and routing. Cilio offers installers a complete solution to manage resources using modern scheduling software and mapping tools. Customers can even schedule their own jobs directly.

Crew Management

Keeping crews informed and getting them paid allows you the ability to complete more jobs on time and without delays. Our tracking features and data collection features enable you to dispatch teams and manage daily operations directly from your mobile device.


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