Meet Our Leaders

The Cilio team began over 21 years ago as a family-run organization. Since then we have expanded to meet the demands of our innovative product lines with a team distributed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, all the way to North Carolina. Today our team brings decades of experience to the design of CiO.

Rick Olejnik
Rick Olejnik


As the president of Cilio, Rick is responsible for leading the company, across all business operations, to ensure clients receive the very best products and support services. Leveraging 25+ years' experience, Rick owns the implementation of Cilio’s vision and oversees its underlying processes in concert with Cilio’s senior leaders. Prior to joining Cilio, Rick was the VP of Platforms at Provana, a SaaS provider of account engagement management solutions. He also served as the Chief Information and Security Officer for 10 years at the leading national collections law firm, Rausch Sturm. Rick and his wife, Carmen, have three children and live in southeastern Wisconsin where he enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, and spending time with his family.

Allen Klumpp

Partner/VP of Security & Infrastructure

Allen Klumpp manages technical infrastructure and security for Cilio Technologies. As pioneers of cloud-based applications in the manufacturing industry, we were at the forefront of some of today’s best practices for ensuring data and infrastructure integrity in a hosted environment.

Jeremy Olejnik
Jeremy Olejnik

Partner/VP of Professional Services & Development

Jeremy Olejnik is a visionary technology leader and accomplished Chief Technology Officer. With over 20 years of expertise in technology design, process innovation, and data management, he has been at the forefront of advancing the field and driving results for his clients. As the leader of the tech stack for Cilio, Jeremy has shown his mastery of online data management, security, and user-friendly web design.

David Brass

Partner/VP of Sales & Marketing

In his role as VP of Sales and Marketing, David leverages over 10 years of successful sales management experience to help our clients grow and realize efficiencies they never knew existed. Prior to joining Cilio, David was a partner at a consulting firm that provided various management and IT consulting services to installation companies.


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