The Right Plan for Your Business

Get a sales and installation management platform
configured for the way you do business.

Processes You Get With Cilio

Cilio flow chart

Your company is unique, so why use a ‘one size fits all’ solution? With Cilio you can tailor the platform to meet the demands of your business operations.

We work with each client to configure the platform & services exactly to their requirements.

Each pricing plan has three parts:

Monthly: Software Licensing
Configure Cilio as you need and only pay for those items!

Monthly: Transactions
Pay for the volume of jobs and manage costs with the seasonality of your business.

Add Services
Start with the minimum setup included in the base plan and add features to fit your needs.

Cilio Base Platform

  • Hot Buttons

  • PDF Editor w. Pre-Filled Forms

  • Maps and Routing

  • Data Collection and Filtering

  • Consumer Facing Portal

  • Build my brand custom themes

  • CiO GO

unique retail workflow

Cilio Optional Modules and Features

  • Integrated Texting

  • Integrated Signature Capture

  • Integrated Payment Processing

  • Crew Payments and Communications

  • Location Tracking

  • QuickBooks Integration

  • CiO Excelled (Excel Import Tool)

  • Item Management

  • Quoting Tool

  • Activity Tracking

  • Capacity Scheduling

  • Lowe's Integration

  • Home Depot Integration

  • Measure Square Integration

  • Costco Integration

  • Floorsoft Integration

  • Installation Made Easy (IME) Integration

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