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Home improvement installers face a unique set of challenges every day. From managing jobs to timely customer communications, a day in the life of an installer is filled with demands that keep you pivoting between tasks. Introducing the Cilio Mobile app, a tailor-made solution to simplify your workday and enhance your operational efficiency.

With Cilio in the palm of your hands, you have all of the necessary tools to manage your installation projects efficiently. Stay connected with your team and customers and ensure every job is completed with precision and ease, regardless of your location.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

With Cilio Mobile in your hands you can manage more from the field without the need of paper files or a clunky laptop. Each feature is designed with the daily demands of the installer in mind.

Daily Work Overview

  • Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday at a Glance: Easily navigate through your work schedule with a streamlined view of your assignments. See key details at a glance — location, tasks, and potential earnings.
  • Cilio Mobile is designed for the Field Tech. Each view is optimized for usability making navigation simple and straightforward.

Offline Capabilities

  • You can access Cilio anywhere. The app saves work details you enter in offline mode, ensuring you can update notes, photos, and attachments even in areas without cell coverage or WiFi.
  • Your work is uninterrupted by poor coverage or lack of service: You can add job notes and photos, and complete tasks offline. Once connectivity is restored, the app syncs your updates automatically.

Route Optimization

  • Cilio Mobile embraces the smart navigation so you can view all your stops for the day on one map. Each job comes complete with driving directions and real-time traffic updates from Google Maps, ensuring you’re always on the most efficient path.

Customizable Experience

  • Greater management control is achievable with Cilio Mobile. You can set access by setting user permissions to control what team members can see and do within the app.
  • Create shortcut buttons for common actions like notifying customers of your arrival, reporting job issues, or marking a job as complete.

Comprehensive Job Management

  • Every detail of every job is at your fingertips, accessible based on the permissions set, making it perfect for both field techs and office team members.

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