Optimized Crew Management

for Installers

Keeping crews informed and getting them paid allows you the ability to complete more jobs on time and without delays. Our tracking features and data collection features enable you to dispatch teams and manage daily operations directly from your mobile device.


Crew Payment Tracking

Create rules to automatically calculate payments to your crew or salesperson. Base payment on any combination of: Line item detail, a percentage of the job cost, billable hours, or a flat rate for the type of work. Cilio even provides a detailed summary of your payroll, without you having to hand calculate every job for every tech.

PDF Editor

Use your own business forms in Cilio. Our system allows you to add text, drawings, diagrams, photos, and signatures to any PDF document. Cilio can even pre-populate any customer or job info right onto your forms for faster completion. This feature works on desktop or from any mobile device.


One-Click Sign and Send

Imagine your field tech tapping one button on a mobile device to fill out any desired completion document. Customer and job info pre-populate and the tech is prompted for required signatures. The completed doc is saved, sent to anyone, and automatically updated to your system. This is how Cilio does “paperwork”!

Data Collection & Filtering

Easily create an area where you can collect specific info on each job, such as age of home, jobsite prep needed, scope of work, lockbox code, other job issues, among others. You can capture this information and share it with your crew, keep it for office use only, or build reports for later analysis. Cilio provides consistency and communication where you need it most.


Location Tracking

Cilio enables your field techs to tag their location upon arrival at a jobsite with a simple touch of a button from their mobile device. You’re given greater location tracking for each crew when they arrive on each jobsite, confirming their current location, and knowing how far ahead or behind schedule they are for the day’s appointments.

Offline Mobile Access

Now your crew can work anywhere regardless of mobile data or wifi availability. Cilio offers an intuitive and user-friendly mobile experience to manage jobs in offline mode. All updates to the job and customer record are automatically synced to the system once internet connection is restored.


Envision How Much More You Can Accomplish with Cilio