Quoting & Payments

for Installers

Making quotes and processing payments are the lifeblood of any installation company. With complete control directly from your device, you can create and modify quotes and get customer payments directly from your mobile device.

See How Cilio Improves the Payment Process for Installers

Cilio Makes Quotes and Payments a Breeze



Quickly build and deliver customer quotes for any project right from the jobsite. Cilio works with your own line items to easily price out jobs from any pricing groups you create. It includes options to create pre-built packages for a faster quoting process, with your own promo codes for convenient discounting. One-click conversion of a quote kicks off the install management side of the project in a true end-to-end management tool.

Item Management

With Cilio you can create product or labor lists to satisfy a variety of system needs. The ability to manage your own item list inside the system gives you control over the quotes your sales team provides, the visibility to your team of what was sold on the job, and even helps automate tracking of your Crew Payments if you pay them by line item.


Payment Processing

Issue and process payments from customer credit cards, ACH payments, bank cards or other payment types directly from the customer project. Cilio allows you to monitor payments and send secure payment requests to customers via SMS or email. You can even increase the odds of closing a deal by offering financing options from Acorn Financing.

QuickBooks Integration

Eliminate hand-keying invoices by importing jobs directly into QuickBooks. Cilio customizes the way job data and crew pay is sent to your QuickBooks account so it is consistent with the way you manage invoices, saving you all the traditional data-entry.


Envision How Much More You Can Accomplish with Cilio