Advanced Install Management

for Installers

Careful tracking of installed jobs from start to finish gives you the peace of mind that work is happening on time and on budget. Cilio gives you the power to monitor progress as it happens and communicate with crews and clients on mobile devices where data connection is unreliable.

Each person involved can observe the job as it happens. By keeping everyone in sync, you can efficiently move the installation to completion and elevate your level of service for your customers.


Custom Job Buttons

Quickly accomplish tasks by creating custom buttons to fit your business. Each function can be fully automated or manually operated to improve your team’s processes. For example, you can customize Cilio with buttons to change job status, send a customer payment request, trigger appointment reminders and confirmations, notify the customer about your arrival, and much more.

Activity Tracker

Visibility at a glance of what the next step is for every job. Monitor progress as it happens and quickly see a dashboard view of any tasks that need attention. Each activity is assigned to a user, which carries editable due dates to adjust or complete as necessary. Users can add comments to allow for greater coordination within the team. Every step of the process is tracked to give you a clear history of the job from start to finish.


Bulk-Job Updates

Eliminate the tedious chore of entering each job or update one at a time. Cilio gives you the convenience of adding batches of new jobs to the system or updating large batches of current work all at once. From job creation to job completion you can make large scale updates in an instant.

Online Customer View

Your customers can enjoy live automated updates 24/7 as they follow the progress of their project in a special online view. They’ll see where their project stands, all scheduled appointments, optional photo of their installer, and the ability to communicate with your office from any mobile device.



Create your own outbound SMS or MMS text messages for customers or crews. Your messaging process can be simple or complex based on your needs. With our texting system you can simply track customer replies or set up workflows to automatically make actions in your system based on their response.


Envision How Much More You Can Accomplish with Cilio