Advanced Customer Communications

Elevate customer and crew engagement with Cilio's SMS and MMS messaging services. Tailor your messaging process to suit your unique needs, from straightforward updates to complex, automated workflows. Our intuitive texting system not only tracks responses but also enables automated actions based on customer replies. Easy to set up yourself even without an IT degree.

Embrace the Texting Revolution

In today's digital age, texting has become a vital communication tool. Customers often prefer this convenient, direct method of interaction. With Cilio, you can leverage this preference to enhance your customer communications and improve the overall customer experience.


Dynamic Texting for Enhanced Personalization

Cilio's Dynamic Texting feature allows you to incorporate specific job details into automated messages. Utilize our extensive range of over 50 dynamic codes – from customer names to appointment times – to deliver highly personalized communication that resonates with your clients.

Smart Conditional Workflows

Our Conditional Workflow tool empowers you to send targeted messages for specific scenarios. Whether it's a reminder to clear furniture for a flooring job or ensuring access to a rental property, our automated system is designed to handle diverse needs with the precision of manual messaging.


Interactive and Responsive Integration

Revolutionize your scheduling with Cilio's responsive text integration. Our system enables customers to directly confirm or reschedule appointments via text, significantly reducing scheduling calls by up to 75%. Set up your system to recognize specific text responses, which automatically trigger the appropriate action.

Comprehensive Text Messaging Applications

From appointment confirmations to customer review requests, Cilio streamlines all aspects of text-based communication. This not only saves hours each week but also elevates the customer experience.

Key use cases include:

  • Introductions:

    Start each service with a contextually relevant greeting text.

  • Scheduling and Rescheduling:

    Enable customers to manage appointments effortlessly through text.

  • Calendar Sharing:

    Share links for easy appointment tracking.

  • Appointment Reminders:

    Automate reminders to reduce no-shows and cancellations.

  • Technician Updates:

    Notify technicians about job statuses.

  • Feedback Collection:

    Encourage customer reviews and feedback post-service.

Integrating texting with Cilio transforms your business communication, enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing administrative tasks, and boosting your online presence through improved service convenience and responsiveness.


Envision How Much More You Can Accomplish with Cilio