Better Lead Management

for Installers

Responding to leads in a timely manner requires precise management of lead funnels and active communication with everyone involved. Faster response rates and accurate lead tracking are possible when you use Cilio.

Cilio directly integrates to lead funnels to show you incoming opportunities as they occur. You can estimate projects and process signoffs at every step of the lead stage, thereby giving you greater control of the sales process.


Custom Branding

You can customize Cilio with your company’s branding and logo both in the platform for better sales presentations and with all outgoing communications. The professional customized look sets you apart from your competitors and gives you a leg up on closing more deals.

Signature Tracking

Close more deals with customers right at the jobsite. Cilio allows you to save document templates like contracts or job sign offs and send them digitally via text or email for easy signature from any device. You get visibility into each step of the process to monitor signature progress for each recipient of the document.


Custom Online Lead Form

Create your own custom lead form that a client could access right from your website, a social media post, or just a web link you could text them. This link would open to a simple online form where you can collect customer information, anything specific you’d like to ask about their project, and even provide a place where they can upload photos of their project. This completed lead form automatically creates a new customer record in your system with zero data entry!

Home Depot Integration

For companies that install for Home Depot, Cilio integrates with Icon & Service Connect to automatically import and manage your work. Home Depot’s portal is automatically updated in sync without toggling between systems.

Home Depot

Lowes Integration

For companies that install for Lowes, we built and maintain an industry leading connection with their IMS portal to automatically import your work. Lowe’s portal is automatically updated in sync without toggling between systems.

MeasureSquare & Floorsoft Integrations

Cilio is integrated with the popular flooring estimation tools, MeasureSquare and FloorSoft. One-click or fully automated, your estimator will enjoy all the capabilities from both systems in one seamless experience to deliver quotes to your customer.


Envision How Much More You Can Accomplish with Cilio