Exteriors contractor weathers Lowe’s changes with Cilio CiO

Cilio Case Study: CLP Renovations, Matt Lamberth, Owner

  • Company: CLP Home Renovations
  • Specialty: Exteriors, including windows and doors, siding, fencing, gutters, general home renovations
  • Years in business: 15 years

Lowe’s PROvider consolidation hits Texas

CLP Home Renovations of Amarillo, Texas, is a good example of an independent contractor who has continued to thrive amid Lowe’s consolidation of installer networks.

Owned by Matt Lamberth, CLP is a small business with four crews, focused on exteriors (windows, doors, fencing, siding, gutters, etc.) and general home renovations. The company has been in business for 15 years and a Lowe’s contractor for 13 of them.

Over the years, Lamberth built up his Lowe’s installation business in the Amarillo area, controlling a majority of the market across two stores.

In the summer of 2020, Lamberth’s Lowe’s district consolidated its work with a single installation contractor, eliminating its contract with CLP. Fortunately, Lamberth and his team had built an excellent reputation with their customers and Lowe’s stakeholders. As a result, Lowe’s management put in a good word for CLP with the district provider, who ultimately subcontracted with CLP to continue installations for both of Amarillo’s Lowe’s stores.

Efficiency and customer service count

Lamberth credits his focus on customer service and efficiency with growing his Lowe’s business before the consolidation and retaining it afterward.

In addition to delivering quality work, Lamberth has always been rigorous about managing his paperwork with Lowe’s and ensuring customers are happy and informed. But it hasn’t always been easy.

“As the business grew, the paperwork load became outrageous,” said Lamberth.

About five years ago, Lamberth began using Cilio’s Customer Installations Online (CiO) web-based software to manage his business, which he says “saved about 20 or 30 hours in front of the computer each week,” enabling him to grow the business, while continuing to give customers the attention they expect.

Automation and Lowe’s IMS integration enable growth and transition

Lamberth looked at a few office automation tools, but chose CiO because of its built-in integration with Lowe’s IMS, which saves him from having to manually capture and update orders from Lowe’s. 

The system allows him to manage and share all his paperwork digitally and keep in touch with his crews and customers remotely. 

“It’s got the built-in scheduling and built-in invoices, you can take notes and pictures, and give all that information to the crews that are doing the job, and it’s all downloaded on apps on your phone or tablet,” said Lamberth. “That right there is one of the biggest benefits because it keeps me and my team from having to track down paperwork and run it around.”

The prime contractor in Lamberth’s Lowe’s district also happens to be a CiO user. When the two contractors teamed up, Cilio was able to connect their CiO systems to seamlessly share work orders and project information with each other and with Lowe’s. This has made the transition even easier.

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About CLP Home Renovations

CLP Home Renovations LLC is an independent remodeling company dedicated to improving its customers’ quality of living and making the remodeling experience as painless as possible. CLP has been a Lowe’s installation contractor for 13 years, currently focused on doors, windows, and kitchens.  CLP is based in Amarillo, Texas

About Cilio Technologies

Cilio Technologies, LLC offers a secure, web-based platform to automate distribution and management of installed sales through its two cornerstone products, Cilio CiO and Cilio Partners Portal.  Cilio CiO helps installation contractors of all sizes manage every job from initiation through completion, save time and money, improve communications, and integrate seamlessly with Lowe’s, Home Depot, and other home improvement retailer systems. Partners Portal and CiO work together for large manufacturers and their partners to easily share order details, view order progress, manage project documents, and track project financials. 

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