Cilio CiO and Caeasarstone Partners Portal

Better Together

Manage all your countertop orders in one place

The Caesarstone Partners Portal allows countertop fabricators and installers to receive their orders, manage job details, purchase product and streamline communications with everyone that is involved with their respective sales channel(s).  But… you need a system designed to run YOUR business too!

Integrated with the Caesarstone Portal, Cilio CiO is the ideal job tracking software for fabricators and installers who want to make all their countertop orders easier to manage. Cilio CiO allows you to manage, view and report on ALL orders from ALL sources, including Caesarstone, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and others.

From automated order entry and job scheduling to job management and job invoicing, CiO gives you the power of paperless project management. The CiO system is flexible to fit unique workflows of any company, so there is no need to adjust your business processes to fit the software.

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Automated Orders

We’ve worked with Caesarstone to ensure our systems can automatically share important order information in real time. The CiO system automatically pulls your order information from the Caesarstone Partners Portal so you can manage your Caesarstone orders AND orders from any other source all in one place.

Scheduling & Communication

Schedule all your jobs and communicate directly with your crew in the field. We offer a convenient map view where you can see all your work (scheduled and unscheduled) in one place. Easily track template appointments, fabrication schedules, and your installation schedule all on the same calendar with one clean view.

Map icons show at-a-glance what type of job it is – measure, install, etc. And you can view resource availability by skill set and geography, so you can easily identify the right person for the job.

Using mobile Cilio, your crew will see all their jobs for the day and access all job information and paperwork. Order changes or updates can be made in the system in real time.


Mobilize your crews by using Cilio to capture measurements, photos, and all other job critical information, and communicate the information back to your office and Caesarstsone, IN REALTIME! Upload your own business forms into Cilio. Make your forms pre-populate job information and make the forms available to your crews in the field, your office or even to your customers! All job documentation is now easy to access and view any time, anywhere.

Job Completion

With Cilio, your crew can capture electronic signatures, complete documentation, and send it off to Caesarstone, all before they leave the job site. You can automatically share information with the Caesarstone Portal and Quickbooks to submit invoices and get paid faster.

Our history with Caesarstone and the countertop industry


Before Cilio Technologies developed Cilio CiO in 2015, we developed web-based Portal solutions for many Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies. Such as; LG Hausys, Lowe’s, IKEA, Caesarstone and more. The solutions created are designed to help manage and track countertop orders among suppliers, manufacturers & distributors, retailers and the installer.

Realizing that installers and fabricators have a different business process, we created Cilio CiO. Caesarstone recognized the value CiO provides to their fabricator partners and was eager to integrate it with their own Portal solution to help make order management and processing easier and less time consuming for everyone!


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