Costco Installation Providers

Field Management Platform for Costco Installation Providers


With so many field services management software options on the market, it’s HARD to find the right fit. Here's what makes Cilio the top choice among Costco installers!

Cilio manages your entire workflow from the initial lead to the finished project, and everything in between!


Centah Integration

We’ve been connecting with Centah for over 4 years with the single goal of making field service automation for Costco installers as easy as possible. Cilio shares lead info, schedule dates, job notes, documents, and so much more. When the job status changes in Centah, you’ll see it reflected in your Cilio system and vice versa.


Lead Management

Any Costco Leads your sales rep creates in your own system get automatically added into Centah. On the flipside, we also pull down any Leads FROM Costco into your own system as well. Our built-in Contract Management tool makes quick work of the traditional “paperwork” process, while you decide whether to take advantage of our flexible options.

For example, we sponsor customer follow up that never gets tired. You can easily send an automated weekly follow up note to open quotes that give them a one-click way to tell you, “I need some more time”, or “I’m ready to purchase now”!

Project Visibility


End to End Solutions

Your work doesn’t just stop after the sale is made, so neither should your software platform. There’s a lot to do like:

  • Communicating with customers

    Using text and email communications, we even automate what makes sense.

  • Keeping your Centah / Costco partner updated

    Cilio is highly integrated to let you work in your own system while we keep your Centah portal updated.

  • Scheduling Intelligently

    Built-in mapping and optimization help you schedule crews with less windshield time.

  • Keeping crews informed

    Cilio app works on any mobile device or desktop. Each crew sees just their own work.

  • Calculating crews pay

    Can be automatically calculated right in the system, making payroll a breeze.

  • Tracking issues

    We provide a place to document the job issues that rob you of time an money to truly track your business.

  • Collecting job signoffs

    Whether saving photos, or e-signature signoffs, everything for your work is in one place.

Ready to Experience More Growth?

Running a successful field service management company isn’t easy. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fall behind, especially if you’re not investing in the right technologies and products to keep your business operating smoothly.

Read the Top Ten Failures In Field Services Businesses and learn how you can optimize your installation operations!

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Sure, we all manage leads and install products, but no two companies run the exact same. We understand this and make it possible for you to simply jump online and start working. For most, we work 1/1 with your team to build the right workflow that makes sense for the way YOUR company runs.

From the ability to manage work from ANY source, to what your team can see or do, and how they work. You have Cilio’s 100% support to meet your system needs.

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Cilio maintains the highest level of security through our efforts supporting corporations both public and private. We employ all the latest security measures like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), industry leading encryption both at rest and in-transit, and maintain compliance with industry standards like PCI & SOX.

Cilio maintains a DR solution, clean IP, fortigated HA firewalls, 24/7 monitoring and logging, with additional intrusion detection and prevention. We perform annual penetration and quarterly vulnerability tests, and you can view our Privacy Policy online.

Sounds good, but what next?

Or, just reach out to Kurt at (262) 912-4984 & email with questions to see if Cilio may be a fit for you!