Project Automation Software to Manage and Grow your Lowe’s Business

Lowe’s PROvider Software


Take your installation business to a new level of efficiency and automation with contract project management software from Cilio.

Cilio is a scheduling/CRM system setup to your specific needs, integrates with Lowe’s IMS, and helps you manage every job from beginning to end.

Cilio gives you powerful tools to manage all your installation jobs from start to finish. It gives visibility of vital job information to the people who need to see it, when and where they need it most. Mobile devices extend your office to every jobsite in real-time, enabling communication at a whole new level, even for the “technically challenged” members of your team. With the ability to complete and send job documents from the field, you can stop chasing crews for paperwork, which saves time and money.

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Fully Integration with Lowe's IMS

  • Providers manage all their jobs in one system, Lowe’s jobs and beyond

  • Newly sold Lowe’s work automatically appears in Cilio with accessible job information, documents, etc

  • Each time you schedule a job in Cilio, it will automatically update in Lowe’s IMS

  • Lowe’s portal is updated real-time as work gets done

  • Cilio stays in sync with Lowe’s updates

Effortlessly expand capacity as job volume increases

Optimizing and automating workflows with Cilio empowers providers to manage increased job volume without taxing resources or compromising performance. Leveraging Cilio, providers can:

  • Maintain a higher quality of customer service and job performance

  • Manage increasing volume using the same software solution

  • Automate manual tasks in their workflow.

  • Scale up without an increase in costs, while expanding:

    • Geographical area
    • Job volume
    • Additional trade categories
    • Crew size

How to Unlock Lowe's IMS Potential

Update for 2023

The world of installation management can often feel like a complex maze, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to navigate Lowe's IMS and discover its full potential for your installation business!
Unlocking Lowe's IMS Potential v4F-1

Job Scheduling & Routing

Cilio organizes your Details, Leads, & Installations, enabling you to assign technicians based on expertise, location, and availability. Utilize drag-and-drop tools for effortless job planning and expedite the work commencement for everyone.

  • Automatically assign the right crew for a job based on job location, capacity, and crew skill sets.

  • Jobs scheduled in Cilio will automatically update in Lowe’s IMS

  • Employ drag and drop scheduling with automatic customer notifications

  • Visualize all jobs on a single map for a comprehensive view

  • Layer unscheduled work onto your map for easy additions

  • Customize view by filtering through job type, status, and more

  • Instantly determine priorities for the day at a glance

  • Send automatic updates to customers

Complete jobs and get paid

Finish jobs quickly. Send final documents and obtain approval signatures directly on your mobile device. Cilio automatically updates Lowe’s IMS, facilitating a smooth job closure and expedited payment process.

  • Digitally capture customer signatures and submit them with a single click

  • Complete and forward any additional paperwork digitally through the mobile app

  • Automatically sync financial data with QuickBooks

  • Automatically send invoices or documents to Lowe’s

Getting started with Cilio.

Win At Each Stage Of The Job


  • Pull Details, Installs, or Work Orders from IMS into your Cilio system

  • See important job info: does it require lead safe practices? Is mileage reimbursement accurate?

  • Review contracts, ISST documents, PO line items, measures and photos in one place

  • Close or automatically push out IMS activities to avoid being “overdue”

  • Auto-confirm and apply pre-scheduled details right to your crew schedule

  • Add and manage jobs from any other source in Cilio too


  • Automatically see when product is pulled so you can schedule the work in Cilio

  • Schedule or reschedule work in Cilio. We send the dates and auto-close IMS activities for you to save time

  • Fill out your own measure docs on any mobile device and save to IMS – right from the job site

  • Trouble reaching a customer? We’ll pass a pre-selected note to keep IMS updated on your progress

  • Last minute cancellation? Open your Cilio map to find other work nearby


  • Sign COC on any mobile device

  • Send the COC to IMS and close all activities right from the job site

  • Automatically upload the measure to IMS and close activities

  • Automate work orders: choose which documents you want to send to Lowe’s and Cilio will do the rest

  • See where every job in your company stands from one simple view

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