Paula Ellison Joins Cilio as Customer Support Manager

As the new customer support manager for Cilio, Paula Ellison is focused on creating a positive experience for customers every step of the way.

Ellison brings 12 years of experience in customer support to the role, working in a variety of areas including finance, property management and logistics, as well as managing operations and customer service teams. As someone who prefers to lead by example, she “doesn’t hesitate to get things done” and understands the value of collaboration.

“I see this role as one that provides oversight, definitive direction and accountability,” she said. “I envision standardizing our procedures and internal training as much as possible to allow for sustainable growth.”

Cilio Technologies is a leading developer of order management, field service, and mobile workforce management software for home improvement manufacturers, retailers, and installers that seamlessly integrates with Lowe’s, Home Depot and other systems. Ellison plans to be a source of structure and consistency to the service team behind the software, supporting them from the bottom up, which will lead to improved response times and even better service for Cilio customers.

“Cilio’s vision of providing a streamlined experience to our clients from their day-to-day activities, to integrating with other systems, to asking for help is one that I support whole-heartedly,” she said. “I am always looking for ways to improve efficiency and ensure our support team is providing a positive customer experience.”

Cilio prides itself on offering exceptional customer support, and with Ellison now leading the team, the level of service customers receive will reach new heights.

“Paula is helping take our industry-leading support model to yet another level,” Cilio EVP of Operations David Brass said. “2023 is an exciting year of growth and Paula will hold a key role in our success.”

When she’s not in the office, Ellison enjoys horseback riding, getting lost in a good book, baseball, deer hunting and occasionally cooking. She also likes to spend time at the beach, and said “there is nothing quite like the beach at Lake Michigan in the summer for soaking up some sunshine.”

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