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Capture new growth with Comprehensive Custom IT Services

From simple help desk support to mission-critical technology-driven services, Businesses look for different types of managed IT services from top-managed IT service providers.

Cilio Automation Factory helps your businesses reduce IT workload in-house, offering a wide range of remote Hybrid IT solutions, with responsibilities ranging from specific on-demand response to 24*7 IT assistance.

Flexible Cooperation Models
SLA – Based Services Delivery
24/7 availability & fast responsiveness
Knowledge Transfer

Services provided under Custom IT services

The Cilio Automation Factory RMM Virtual Admin team works side-by-side with your MSP, evaluating the current state of your RMM, discussing your unique needs and wants, and then honing your RMM investment to deliver the exact monitoring, automation, and alerting of your business needs for its customers.

Cilio Automation Factory can augment your decision to move to cloud with its expertise in modernizing & productionizing your workloads with Azure, Microsoft 365 or Power-platform. Our team of experts can help you to envisage, plan and build the migration project especially in critical scenarios like mergers & acquisition, de-mergers. We can help you choose the most appropriate, scalable yet affordable cloud offering to support your business.

Remote Managed Services from Cilio Automation Factory may relieve your IT personnel of implementing and maintaining various products while ensuring optimal product availability and performance for your customers. Because our analysts are intimately familiar with the capabilities of our products, they can assist you in identifying opportunities to implement and manage them in ways that support your information governance policies, such as optimising information security, privacy, and retention policies.

Cilio Automation Factory's Support Ticketing Management System allows tracking user tickets, responding to them, reassigning them to appropriate departments or organizations, and generating reports, among other things.

IT outsourcing involves contracting out information technology tasks such as software development, infrastructure solutions, and software support to third parties. Because employing a third party is less expensive than buying and maintaining their own data storage facilities and technology, businesses commonly outsource data storage. Our access to higher expertise, a better price-to-quality ratio, and ease of growing are all popular reasons to outsource to Cilio Automation Factory.

Experience the benefits you gain with Managed IT


Faster Response Time


Avoid Sunk & Operational Costs


Expertise & Experience


Proactive Monitoring & Issue Fixing

Why work with Cilio Automation Factory?

Cilio Automation Factory delivers all the benefits of IT Managed Services.


24/7 availability

  • Before a failure occurs, proactively manage and monitor your cloud platform
  • Access to Specialized Engineers
  • Support for all your IT requirements

Planned Support Coverage

  • Timely dedication
  • Knowledge of both on-premises and cloud technologies
  • Based on SLA and Time taken to resolve each event

Concentrate on core competencies

  • Leave the IT hassle to the professionals while using subtle technology.
  • Optimize IT Team to Concentrate on Core Tasks

IT Compliance Implementation

  • Periodic custom and standard reports
  • Assistance with security compliance for any audit (for IT)
  • IT inventory control

Excellent Techniques

  • Technology advisory
  • Specific Trainings
  • Strategies to cut costs
  • Adoption Assistance

Our Advantages

Create superior service experiences

Impress your customers with one intuitive portal for all services, AI-driven support, and a mobile app for anytime requests.

Improve IT productivity

Get processes done faster with codeless configurations, built-in AI and analytics, and technology-agnostic automation.

Reduce risks and control costs

Close service management voids with powerful discovery, risk analysis, and IT asset and software license management.

Improvements in Service Delivery

Regular revision of Roadmap. Proactivity in terms of enhancing the service or giving it a competitive edge.

Tailored customer communication

Analyzing the information needed and communicating the same to each stakeholder. Regularly sharing relevant project status information.



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