Data Analytics Services

Our team helps businesses around the world to use the huge amount of data they collect to extract useful insights from it. We use modern techniques and technologies which apply to the best data analytics consulting services.

Data Analytics Consulting Services

Our main aim is to build solutions by designing valuable reports containing important insights from the collected data. The whole data visualization system and process assist businesses in making efficient decisions.

Why do businesses have massive data in their day-to-day operations? It is because, with day-to-day activities, businesses gather information from different sources like the Internet of things, customer interaction, and more. Data from various sources is structured and unstructured, making it a critical need for businesses to convert unstructured data into structured data for effective and sustainable functioning in the market.

Your data is important to us. Thus, our experts bring insightful digital data with their dedicated expertise in Data Analytics. We have been working with clients locally and globally, having multi-industry experience. Achieve results faster with the Cilio AutomationFactory and transform your digital analytics journey.

Data Analytics Consulting

Statistical Data Analysis is derived from the branch of Statistics involving steps from data collection to interpretation, validation, and hypothesis testing. Statistical data analysis is performed using modern technologies and programming languages, bringing the power of digitization to business operations. Cilio Automation Factory, with its consistent expertise and innovative solutions, integrates statistics and data analysis to identify business problems and propose solutions.

Reporting brings an organized format of information to bring relevant and useful information. Cilio Automation Factory brings automated reporting systems for an organization into the computer systems of organizations. We have been building reporting automation for diverse industries triggering efficient decision-making for businesses.

Business and technical processes are combined to form data integration, where a massive amount of data is combined with digital systems to develop meaningful insights. Cilio Automation Factory is assisting Business users and decision makers with data integration solution deliveries from various sources.

Representing the data is another critical task for businesses. Cilio Automation Factory, with modern technologies, brings data visualization services for businesses where businesses can deploy interactive data visualization with effective filters. Bar charts, scatter plots and maps, and other data visualization tools are a few tools we use to deploy big data analytics for businesses to make efficient data-driven decisions.

Cilio Automation Factory contribute to various aspects of your business by integrating data analytics for

Digital advertisement

Digital billboards and website banners bring transformation with the help of data and analytics. Businesses can understand user behavior and patterns with data analytics to develop a better end-user experience.


Businesses look for the best delivery, whether it is in their business operation, risk detection, or customer experience. Data and analytics critically play an important role in examining the collected data to improve the efficiency of final product delivery.

Risk detection

Risk is an integral part of business, but predicting the risk and taking important steps make a business walk towards success. Data analytic applications can calculate risk probability to lower or eliminate the impact of risk.


Big data analytics has been contributing heavily to healthcare centers. Healthcare centers can track patient records using the data collected from medical equipment with analytics. Automation factories can contribute heavily to deploying revolutionary efficiency in health care facilities.

Related Case Studies


Embedded Analytics in a Saas Application

We helped a mobile gaming company to increase IAP, LTV, and retention using artificial intelligence-driven technology. We implemented analytics in mobile gaming, transformed big data into an appropriate format, implemented fraud detection, and applied machine learning-based tools enabling our client to predict customer lifetime value (CLV), as well as customer churn. Through Modern Data Warehouse and BI implementation, we achieved data monetization.

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Decision-making points can be derived by embedding data and analytics to support efficient business processes and decisions. Implementing the data analysis will bring unexpected results to your business by optimizing the operations and making them adaptive to modern technologies aligning with the current market.

Our Working Process


Feasibility study on a discovered task


Fetching data for analysis


Implementing statistical analysis


Delivering reports that support


Experts at Cilio Automation Factory use diverse tools and technologies to deliver the best data analytics service to businesses and their operations. We believe in using high-quality service to deliver high-quality data insights.

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