Tricks to slash that scary paperwork

Happy Halloween to all you busy installers out there! As you weave your way through your customers’ webbed walkways and front porch jack-o-lanterns, are you haunted by thoughts of the stacks of paperwork that await you after the trick-or-treaters stop ringing your bell?

These monstrous piles of paperwork fuel your nightmares and horrify your office staff! How can you escape the horror?! In the spirit of this ghoulish holiday, we’d like to share with you a little treat. Installers in all 50 states have been mesmerized by our CiO field service software, which has helped them slash the daily paperwork that makes them scream. Read on to learn their top tricks for reducing that gruesome task and breathing new life into their days and nights.

• They preserve all their job information in ONE place
Enough with the dark and dusty nooks where files, forms, and drawings lurk! Our clients use the CiO application to store all their customer information, paperwork, photos and work schedule in ONE place. It’s accessible by their teams – whether onsite or remote. No need to copy forms and pass out files before crews head out for their jobs. They can get it all on their mobile devices.

• They use their own forms in the CiO tool
It’s spooky how easy it is to import their own business forms into the CiO application so they don’t have to order stacks of pre-printed forms to keep in their offices and trucks.

• They fill out their forms with one frightfully easy click
Most of the information that goes on a blank form is already in their systems (name, address, phone, etc.). Our PDF editor allows them to program PDFs of their forms to automatically import this information to the right fields within the system– abracadabra! It works for contracts, change orders, estimates, invoices, Certificates of Completion, and so much more. This feature is so fiendishly popular, 75% of our installer clients use it. No more need to re-type or re-write information onto their paper forms!

• They freak over the mobile sign-and-send feature
They capture signatures right from their mobile devices and then save and send the documents and update project status, all with one click. Signatures land right where they belong on the forms and the documents are simultaneously saved in the application and sent to the appropriate parties as defined by our clients in their systems. For example, signed Certificates of Completion may be automatically emailed to the home office as well as the Lowe’s office.

If you are now shrieking to reduce and organize your paperwork nightmare; howling for a demo today; and clawing to be rescued, we can save you from the terror! Click here to schedule a demo today.

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