Great service breeds success

We had the pleasure of attending a Lowe’s Service Partner Conference in Tulsa recently and it was a great experience! Not only did we get to see some of our installer clients in-person, but it was also an opportunity to hear more about Lowe’s emphasis on customer service and how we all play a role. It was a good reminder that by delivering great customer service, we all stand to increase sales.

Improving customer service is something that gets a lot of lip-service, but how does that really translate into what we are doing on the job site and behind the scenes? One idea that came up at the conference more than once was delivering a “wow!” customer experience and Disney World was mentioned as an example. At Disney World, we expect the rides to be great and the park to be clean, but it is often the little things that leave a big impression.

Disney’s web site says, “At Disney, we have seen that the power of service lies in its ability to create an emotional connection rather than a purely rational connection – and emotional connections lead to economic outcomes.”

Think about that – emotional connections lead to economic outcomes. The more I reflect on this, the more I believe it’s absolutely true. Who doesn’t prefer working with people they like, people who make them feel good? Disney’s site goes onto say that, “emotionally engaged customers tend to be: at least three times more likely to recommend, three times more likely to purchase, less likely to shop around, and much less price sensitive.”

Now, an average day on the job might not feel like Disney World to most of us, but thinking about how we can all do more of the little things to improve how we service our customers and retail partners makes sense.

Some examples of above-and-beyond service for homeowner customers include:
• Confirming appointment times in advance
• Texting or calling customers to let them know you’re on your way (or if you’re experiencing delays)
• Delivering fast turnaround on estimates and invoices
• Cleaning up after any job-related messes
• Wearing shoe covers
• Simply introducing yourself and your crew to the client

If you also think of your retail partners as customers, whether Lowe’s or Home Depot or another, how can installers strengthen those relationships with better service? Some ideas include:
• Being able to provide quick answers to questions about job status
• Returning accurate measurements or estimates quickly that are easy to read
• Keeping interactions with a client professional, even when they’re not in return
• Swift and consistent communication of schedule dates and job issues
• Remaining flexible to accept ever-changing policies and procedures
• Proactively provide answers before the retailer thinks to ask the questions

At Cilio, our goal is to provide awesome customer service to installers who use CiO. That’s why we offer free support – when our clients succeed, we succeed. Installers who use the CiO tool can store all details (photos, notes, documents, and more) about their orders in a single location, while dramatically reducing paperwork. This information can be easily shared as appropriate with installer staff, crew, and retail partners any time, anywhere through mobile devices like phones and tablets. If excellent customer service is one of your goals, CiO can help deliver.

We’d love to hear what you do to deliver “above-and-beyond” service to your customers. Share your ideas on our Facebook page.

Written by David Brass

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