Don’t Let Your Office Challenges Turn Into Office Fires

Fire.  It’s one the our most basic necessities for survival. You use it to heat your home/office, cook your food and it may even be generating the electricity you are using to view this post.  Fires have their place in your life, but they shouldn’t be suffocating your business.

Now I’m not talking about actual fires here.  I am referring to those pesky items that are be preventing your business from reaching its full potential, bogging you down, hindering growth, and/or just general difficulties in efficiently managing your installations.  Here are a few:

  • A messy desk with paper everywhere (an ACUTAL fire hazard!)
  • Not clearly seeing what jobs could potentially catch fire without attention soon
  • Not having a clear plan-of-attack for the week – let alone day – ahead
  • No clean, efficient way to track and manage your schedule
  • Endless time wasted placing follow-up calls, emails, or faxes
  • Arduous task of dealing with and storing photos and job paperwork
  • Not having the reporting visibility for your business to know what’s hot, and what’s not.
  • Just to name few…

Get and keep it together!  Customer Installations Online (CiO) makes it easy to manage the installation as well as all documentation – from start to finish – all paperless.  The setup and configuration of the system was designed to flex to your business, not the other way around.

The robust scheduler makes it astonishingly simple to add appointments with drag-and-drop ease.  Plans change though, we get it.  Re-schedule work in seconds, while the system provides notifications to your crew and whoever else needs to know, all automatically.  I personally feel the scheduler is Pièce de résistance of the system.

How about that fancy smart phone or tablet you have?  You paid a lot for this tool, so put it to good use! Track job progress, see & edit your schedule, edit & attach paperwork and obtain customer’s signatures electronically before you leave the job.  Imagine not having to worry about a mound of paperwork waiting for you or your crew after the truck is unloaded on a long day. Aahhhh.  Minimize your crews’ windshield time by seeing all your work on a map at once, and scheduling smarter up front. Or, how nice it would be to look at a street view map of your mornings appointment, knowing whether or not you need to load up the big ladder.  All of the above in clean mobile view with no app to download.


Pull up a chair.

Aim yourself at your computer.

Squeeze a few minutes into your hectic schedule to review the valuable information on the CiO website, videos, and live webinars offered.

Stop the fire from growing by investing in a tool that it simple to use, and brings your office to the field. 

Get started today! And see for yourself!

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Jeremy Schlieckau