Supporting the Package

Support. Getting it, feeling it, asking for it.  No matter how it is used, the word support has a powerful meaning that we are all familiar with.  We are also all very familiar with the concept; great support equals a great experience; which can make all the difference when your team is working thru an issue.

Many companies in the market today will advertise “We are here to support you”, or “Click here to chat.” Then, you may find yourself buried in a pile of self-help info, writing a message instead of “chatting” with someone, just to get a reply that: “We will contact you within 48-72 hours,” which is even more frustrating.

These support tactics do not work.  In fact, they only add fuel to the fire as we all know when a problem comes up; we want it fixed quick and painless.  A study completed by Coleman Parkes for Amdocs states 91% of the populace would prefer to use a self-service experience (meaning they give you a bible of information and a pat on the back to go figure it out yourself).  It was also predicted by Gartner that there will be a 50% increase to self-service customer support through the use of a virtual assistant (live chats, videos, online tutorials etc.).  When I think about this information I find myself thinking “why?” Why put yourself through that nightmare and put your business on hold, it just doesn’t add up and then it hit me; it all circles around the first part; great support.  What is great support?  Great support is fantastic support… but calling it fantastic still does not match.  For a company to get there, support should be immediate, specific to your need, and genuinely helpful. Cilio has this covered.

The team at Cilio is unique.  Not only are we a team built from leaders, industry experts, product engineers, developers, designers and project managers, but we are built around the goal of proper and flawless customer support. A.K.A our Cilio Support Hero’s.  This creates a foundation which in its entirety – supports Cilio CiO.  We understand that everything in today’s world is built around convenience and simplicity; that’s why we painstakingly took the time building Cilio CiO (online 24/7, easy to use and reliable).  We lowered the price (which no competitor can match for the value we provide) knowing that higher volume trumps higher margins, and built a support model based on the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you’d like to be treated”.  THAT’S the kind of package you need and deserve.

The moment your new account is started, our team of support heroes will guide you through your setup and work with you to fully transition.  Our team utilizes screen sharing capabilities, so it’s like they are sitting right beside you. This allows you to drive CiO while our hero points the way, offering advice and lessons learned from our growing number of clients who often operate very similar to you. Quick questions can be asked over our Live Chat right from our CiO app.  We also have ‘on demand’ telephone support (let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice to talk to a warm English-speaking body).  Contact us? Of course. You’ll get a personal response every time instead of an impersonal form letter.

In the end, the key to providing great support is it needs to be 3 things; Immediate, Specific to your needs, and Genuinely helpful. This allows you to focus on the more important things like growing your business!

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