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Have you ever purchased scheduling and or data management software to solve a business problem only to discover shortly afterwards you need to configure the “extras” yourself which costs more money or even worse yet, the solution doesn’t account for some of the other uses you thought of after paying for it? Problem happens more times than you think.

One of the most common areas that is overlooked is the need to collect and do more data management work than you initially thought. Maybe it’s capturing answers to the questions you ask when qualifying a new sales lead, or scheduling an appointment. Sure applications can offer you sections within their app for notes or maybe even comment fields, but what about more advanced information? Like having the questions just pop up in your system, letting you choose a required response from a drop down list of available answers. And when said item is selected, your team needs to know about it in real-time? Or maybe you want to know what temperature your staff wants there coffee served to them from Starbucks each morning? Ok.. so maybe not that question, but you get the point…

So here’s the deal, it’s not us (Cilio) setting up a system using generic questions that we think might apply to most installation companies, but it’s YOU looking at your OWN business needs and catering the system to collect only what you WANT and NEED. And when your business changes, easily being able to change the data you gather to move with it.

Face it, you know you’re operation better than anyone, which is exactly why you’re reading this article. Because you care enough to change and to start growing your operation in the right direction… And yes (here’s the plug), this is where Cilio CiO comes into play.

Case Example:

You’ve got a customer on the line, and trying to find a hole in your schedule to squeeze in their laminate flooring install. You forget to ask if they got their HVAC turned on, so when the crew got there, it became a busted day. Customer is mad, chewed out you and your crew (who also lost $$), and no one wins. BUT, if you’re using CiO, a couple of confirmation questions that you created would have popped up into your app, effectively avoiding the whole thing.

With the CiO Application, not only can you collect the data management elements that fit YOUR company’s specific needs, but it’s what you can DO with it… trust me, this is the good stuff! The stuff that you can actually report on and get RESULTS in real-time! Your business generates a ton of data. The hard part that CiO makes easier, is keeping you consistent by asking and showing what you need to see NOW, to be proactive in avoiding issues before they start!

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Jeremy Olejnik

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