A message from Kurt about streamlining processes

Streamlining processes means your business can grow without a strain on resources. We're talking about scheduling, quoting, payment processing, and communications. Could your office staff handle more work with your current system? Watch this quick message about making things easier for all your employees.


As I started my morning, I began to think about my customers. I work with installers, field service companies, and contractors. I was specifically thinking about their office staff. What does it look like for them to start their morning?

When I talk to my customers, we discuss things like scheduling, communications, payment processing, and even sending out a quote. What does that look like in your company? How are you handling those processes? 

A key point we talk about is being able to grow and expand their company without adding that extra burden to their office staff. How can you do that? Is that through automations? Is that through special communications? Is that working with a company and being able to partner and make those processes and that end-to-end step easier?

Give me a call, send me an email, or hit the demo button. I'd love to talk to you and hear more about your business and tell you more about what we do. Have a great day!

Ready to talk shop?

Call Kurt for a quick chat. Tell him about your pain points, and we’ll help determine if Cilio is the right tool for you. Or, book a demo to see first-hand what we do.

Kurt Jason
(414) 788-6254

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