Advantages of Texting Vs. Calling your Customers

Still on the fence about hanging up the phone? Here are the findings of industry experts sharing some reasons why texting is often preferred over old-school phone calls:

  1. Convenience: Texting allows individuals to communicate at their own convenience and pace. Unlike phone calls, which demand immediate attention and could be disruptive in certain circumstances, texts can be answered when the recipient is ready, making it ideal for people with busy schedules or situations where speaking might be inconvenient.
  2. Non-intrusive: Texting provides a less intrusive mode of communication, especially when dealing with acquaintances or colleagues. It gives the recipient the freedom to respond at their preferred time, without feeling compelled to engage in a conversation immediately.
  3. Time to Compose: Unlike phone calls where responses are typically immediate and spontaneous, texting offers time to thoughtfully construct articulate messages. This is particularly helpful in conveying complex ideas or emotions effectively.
  4. Documentation: Text messages offer a written record of the conversation, facilitating easy reference to important details or instructions. This documentation can be especially valuable in professional settings or when coordinating plans with friends and family.
  5. Reduced Misunderstandings: With texting, individuals can carefully craft their messages, minimizing misunderstandings arising from misinterpreted tones or emotions in voice conversations. Emojis and punctuation can also be used to clarify the intended mood or context.
  6. Multitasking: Texting allows individuals to multitask effectively. They can send and receive messages while performing other tasks, making it efficient for managing communication without requiring undivided attention.
  7. Communication Barriers: Texting overcomes language barriers, as individuals can use translation tools to communicate with people who speak different languages. This fosters cross-cultural communication and understanding.
  8. Introvert-Friendly: For introverted individuals who find phone calls draining or uncomfortable, texting offers a more comfortable means of communication, allowing them to express themselves without the pressure of live conversations.
  9. Group Communication: Texting facilitates group chats, enabling multiple people to communicate simultaneously. This is particularly useful for organizing events, discussing projects, or keeping in touch with extended social circles.
  10. Emotional Buffer: In emotionally charged situations or conflicts, texting can act as a buffer, giving individuals the opportunity to process their feelings and respond more thoughtfully rather than reacting impulsively during a phone call.

Texting has become a big part of how we communicate these days and is often the preferred way your customers want to hear from you. Check out this short video from Cilio team members Kurt and Paula!

Of course, there will always be times when it’s appropriate to pick up the phone. The point here is to utilize texting to automate what makes sense for your business. Appointment confirmations, reminders, or just an automated note for those lengthy spans of time (like when waiting for product on-order), to let a customer hear from you, and that things are still on track. All designed to save you hours each week WHILE delivering a better customer experience!


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