Making Home Depot’s Service Center Easier to Manage for Installation Contractors

What Is Cilio

Cilio is a web-based app designed to help installation contractors manage work from start to finish. From robust scheduling capabilities, doc management, photos, mobile access for crews, and communication for everyone you touch, we work 1/1 with you to setup the system for the way YOUR company runs. 

The Service Center Challenge

Home Depot’s Service Center has been a tough adjustment for many installation contractors. Getting your work online, uploading schedule dates, scanning/uploading paperwork, plus the accountability of managing activities on time is often difficult to Home Depot contractors handling their work efficiently. Most find it challenging to keep Service Center updated while managing your company’s internal processes. It can be much duplication of efforts and manual work to keep your side and Service Center aligned.

How Cilio Helps

You simply work in your own Cilio app, and we update Service Center for you automatically.  The systems are connected (integrated), so all new work shows up immediately, and your updates pass right to Home Depot’s!  Plus, our built in Communication tools make it easier than ever to connect with Home Depot, Customers, and your own team. We work closely with Home Depot to ensure the system meets the needs of both your company AND your big-box partner. 

Ready to Experience More Growth?

Running a successful field service management company isn’t easy. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fall behind, especially if you’re not investing in the right technologies and products to keep your business operating smoothly.

Read the Top Ten Failures In Field Services Businesses and learn how you can optimize your installation operations!

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Win at Each Stage of the Job

Start of the Job

  • Automatically pull Measures, Leads, Installs, and Work Orders from Service Center into your Cilio account.
  • See critical info:  Like all the details of what was sold, or if the job requires Lead Safe practices. 
  • Visibility to the Contracts, measure docs, PO Line Items, job notes, and Photos right with each PO in your Cilio system.
  • Service Center activities can be closed or automatically bumped out to avoid “overdue activities” come Monday morning!
  • Easily add your own jobs from ANY source and manage everything right in one system.


  • You’ll automatically see when a product is ready and know when it’s time to schedule the work in Cilio.
  • Schedule OR reschedule work in Cilio.  We send the dates and auto-close Service Center Activities for you to save time.
  • Fill out your own measure docs on any mobile device and save them to Service Center right from the job site!
  • Trouble reaching a customer? We’ll pass a pre-selected note to keep Service Center updated on your progress.
  • Last minute cancellation?  Open your Cilio Map to find other work nearby.

End of Job

  • Sign the ICA doc on any mobile device with your finger.
  • Installs Automated!  ICA doc is passed to Service Center and all activities are closed right from the job site.
  • Details Automated!  We upload the measure to Service Center and close activities right from the job site.
  • Work Orders Automated!  Just choose what documents you want to send to Home Depot and we will do the rest.
  • See where every job in your company stands from one simple view.


  • Keep Service Center current with little to no effort!
  • Fast setup with 1/1 Support from our team!
  • Paperless with no more scanning / uploading ICA docs!
  • You can add Unlimited users to control your cost!
  • No more overdue activities!
  • Get paid FASTER!
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