What Installers Must Have in Their Texting Solution

Texting has become a big part of how we communicate these days and is often the preferred way your customers want to hear from you. Check out this short video from Cilio team members Kurt and Paula!

The key capabilities Kurt and Paula describe in this video are:

  1. Dynamic Texting: This lets you create an automated message that pops in specific job info called dynamic codes like a customer's name, address, appointment time, etc. Look for a solution with at least 20 dynamic code options that provide a much more personalized feel. Cilio supports 50+ codes for you to really communicate what you want to say.
  2. Conditional Workflows: You want a tool that can send out the right message at the right time. For example, you might install many products, but want to remind a customer to move their furniture just on a flooring job. Or be sure they will have a tenant home to let you into a rental property. You want flexibility to handle the scenarios with an automated system smart enough to say what you would otherwise have to send manually.
  3. Responsive Integration: Customers should be able to interact with your system directly through text. For example, most decent software can text a customer their appointment time. Great software should provide an option to let you FIRST schedule the job where it best fits your tech’s day, then automatically text the customer to confirm or decline that appt. The system looks for their reply and either confirms the appointment or kicks it back to your office to try another slot, saving you up to 75% of scheduling phone calls! Point is to be able to setup your system to look for specific text replies, which then take a desired action in your system.

Appointment confirmations, reminders, automated updates, and of course requests for customer reviews are all easily handled through text. The customer prefers this method of communication and automating it saves you hours each week WHILE delivering a better customer experience!


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