Podcast Series: The top 10 reasons most field service companies fail

In this long-running podcast series, Cilio Technologies teamed up with Berdan Consulting to discuss the top ten reasons field service companies fail, and we share advice on how to overcome common obstacles. Cilio’s David Brass and Bill Berdan of Berdan Consulting share advice, stories, and lessons learned that can help your business survive the changing industry.

Field service is a competitive industry, and many companies don’t survive. We’re sharing decades of experience to help field service providers before it’s too late. Now is the time to take a look at your company and determine what improvements need to be made, whether that means communicating better with staff, changing how you think about your business, or automating tasks to free up more time in your day so you can focus more on the big picture. Pick and choose which episodes are most useful to your business, or start from the beginning.

Series introduction

Top ten reasons field service companies fail. Cilio’s David Brass and Rick Olejnik kick off the podcast series by introducing our top ten reasons list and how this series can change the game for service providers.

Reason 1 – Working IN the business instead of ON the business

What’s wrong with working IN the business instead of ON the business? Find out in this podcast episode as Cilio’s David Brass and Bill Berdan of Berdan Consulting discuss why it’s critical to make that shift.

Reason 2 – Not understanding the true cost of doing business

In this podcast episode, we’re talking about costs that are easy to overlook and how to keep up with the big picture.

Reason 3 – Not properly communicating value

When quoting a job, learn to go beyond providing a price. In this podcast episode, we discuss the importance of communicating the added value your company brings to the table.

Reason 4 – Lack of follow-up

You could have the most amazing craftsmanship, but lose referrals without getting this right. Listen as David Brass and Bill Berdan discuss how a small shift in communication can make a big impact with customers.

Reason 5 – Can you just?:  How to handle additional customer requests and when to say no

A request for more work is a great sign that your customer is happy, but there are many things to consider before saying yes or no. In this episode, we’re talking about the hidden cost, impact, and risk of additional work requests.

Reason 6 – How technology can help: Keep work history, job details, and more right in your pocket

You simply can’t be competitive if you’re working from a notebook while everyone else vying for the job has access to all the information they need on their smartphones. Listen as we discuss today’s technologies and the risk of not integrating them into your business.

Reason 7 – Benefits of automating: Focus your time on priority work, not appointment reminders and follow-ups

Don’t underestimate the potential benefit of automating tasks. There’s more to gain than just time. In this podcast episode, we’re talking about how automation can increase your good reviews, among other things.

Reason 8 – Adapting to change: If you want your field service business to move forward, you must embrace change. Don’t get left behind. 

Fear of the unknown can hold your field service business back and keep it from meeting its full potential. In this episode, we’re talking about the benefits of moving forward, including improved efficiencies, better customer experiences, and happier employees.

Reasons 9 & 10 – Building a strong team and talking them up

In this final episode of our podcast series, we hear from Cilio’s Rick Olejnik and David Brass, along with Bill Berdan of Berdan Consulting. Listen along as we discuss how to attract and keep the best employees and showcase their skills to help you connect with customers and outshine the competition.

When put into practice, the tips we’ve offered through this podcast series will help your business excel in this competitive industry. But, if you want more guidance, the teams at Bill Berdan Consulting and Cilio Technologies can provide it.  

For more than 20 years, Berdan Consulting has coached customer service and provisions businesses on how to develop and implement a vision of growth, guiding them through a customized plan designed to help them meet their clients’ needs.  

Cilio is the company behind CiO field service management software that addresses order management challenges, helping field service providers automate and streamline a variety of tasks to increase efficiencies and cut costs.   

Contact us if you have questions or would like more advice. We’re always happy to help.


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