A message from Kurt about why installers choose Cilio

You have a choice from over 800+ software apps to run your installation business. UGH!.. In such a crowded room of tech, Cilio stands out for a few key reasons, (and hint, it's not our marketing budget). You talk with real people here at Cilio. From deciding if we're the right software, to setting up the system to YOUR specific needs. 

Watch this 2-minute clip where Kurt shares some real-world thoughts about what WE do differently, and why that matters to you.


Hey, it's Kurt with Cilio Technologies. Many times, when I speak with my customers, I ask them, 'Why did you go with Cilio for your software solution?'. 

The number one reason I get from them is because you guys 'get it.' They say they don't want a cookie-cutter app that's supposed to fit all trade categories, and it really doesn't fit their business. 

They also complain to me that when they call for customer support, they really don't know who to get on the phone. And when they do get somebody, they get somebody that really doesn't have industry knowledge or understand their main problem.

Let's face it, most apps out there are set up to fit everybody's needs. They're supposed to work around all labor categories. They all pretty much do the same thing: they're bringing in leads, they're going to schedule your work, they're going to communicate with your customer, and they're probably all integrated with some measuring platform that's out there right now.

So, what makes Cilio different? We're locally owned and operated right here in the U.S. When you get started with us, you meet our onboarding team that is going to sit down with you and configure your system to your needs. Also, when you're using our system and you want customer support, you're going to get somebody that's local, that understands your industry, and understands what you might be facing and can help you fix it.

Give me a call. Yes, you're going to get me on the phone. Let's start a partnership with your company and Cilio. Let's get you into a system that makes sense. Plus, when you get started, you're going to use 100% of the system right from the start. It's going to be set up by real people with you to fit your needs. Give me a call. Have a great day!

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