Empowering Contractors: Leveraging Actionable Data with Cilio

In today’s connected world, data is the new currency. Access to a wide range of information is pivotal, but the real value lies in the actionable insights drawn from the installation management software used to run your company. 

Big Box retailers like Lowe’s are no longer content with just having data – they’re using it to challenge service providers on their performance metrics. To truly thrive in this environment, installation contractors need to be proactive and armed with precise data to not only validate their performance but also refine their operations. 

Cilio is not just a tool; it’s a solution. It empowers Lowe’s PROviders to actively measure, analyze, and refine their operations, ensuring they’re always one step ahead, ready with answers even before questions arise.

Here’s how Cilio transforms data into dynamic growth avenues:

Customer Survey Data for Greater Crew Performance

The Challenge:

Downloading customer survey results directly from Lowe’s Installation Management System (IMS) allows you to see their scores as reported by customers, but it doesn’t tell you WHO on your team installed that job, making it hard to give praise or hold the crew accountable.

The Cilio Advantage:

With Cilio’s installation management software, not only are each job’s survey results updated, but a comprehensive breakdown of these scores is provided BY CREW. This granular data allows you to take action on those crew members who may be bringing you down while rewarding those that are driving your success.

Time-in-Phase Seeing How Long Each Job Takes

The Challenge:

Lowe’s regularly provides scorecards reflecting how much time your company takes to complete various stages of work. Without your own data set, it’s difficult to validate, challenge, or even improve performance.

The Cilio Advantage:

Cilio ensures you’re not caught off guard. Automated reports give you a glimpse into your performance metrics well before Lowe’s scorecards are out. Whether it’s refining processes for better efficiency or having detailed insights about specific jobs, you’re always prepared. The data is neatly categorized by District, Store, and individual job, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in your responses.

See Crew Expirations Before It’s Too Late

The Challenge:

Tracking multiple expiration dates for crews – be it for insurances, licenses, certifications, or badges – can be a mammoth task, especially with a significant crew base and a bustling office environment.

The Cilio Advantage:

Say goodbye to traditional tracking methods! Cilio’s installation management software allows you to seamlessly manage and store electronic versions of all crucial crew documents. With a color-coded overview of all crews, you can easily identify and act on imminent expirations, ensuring operational continuity.

In conclusion, Cilio’s installation management software is more than just a data repository. It’s a dynamic tool that equips home improvement installation contractors to be proactive, informed, and always one step ahead in their operations. If success lies in the details, Cilio ensures you miss none.

Want to learn more about how Cilio can help Lowe’s PROviders improve their installation operations from top to bottom? Schedule a demo today and learn the unique features that sets Cilio apart from other installation management and scheduling software solutions.