A2Z Streamlines Scheduling & Coordination with Cilio

Providers of installation services for large retail organizations can get insanely busy managing multitudes of tasks and coordinating hundreds of jobs.  A logistical nightmare without the right tools. Enter Cilio, a game-changing solution that has empowered installers like A2Z Professional Remodeling, a Texas-based Lowe’s PROvider managing installation across multiple product categories, to take control of their scheduling and coordination.

Before engaging with Cilio, scheduling was a huge struggle for A2Z. They couldn’t track multiple job steps on a clear timeline. With Cilio they have a dynamic calendar that goes from the current week far into the future. This new ability to plan completely changed how A2Z handles scheduling. Cilio’s strength lies in its ability to schedule without having finalized every aspect of the job. This means the coordination team can proactively engage with customers and initiate installations without unnecessary delays. This is a huge help to improve the likelihood to recommend (LTR) and cycle time, both key metrics for big box retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot. 

One of Cilio’s standout features is its ability to allow the field team to flag job exceptions. This proves invaluable in identifying potential issues such as missing products or problems with the initial order. In such cases, Cilio acts as a safeguard, enabling A2Z to pause the clock and protect the cycle time calculation from disruptions beyond the installer’s control.

Moreover, Cilio introduces a level of flexibility that ensures operational hiccups don’t bother efficiency. The field team can easily transfer jobs back to the retailer, offering a seamless way to address unforeseen challenges.

In essence, Cilio emerges as a comprehensive solution that not only provides a visual roadmap for efficient scheduling but also equips the installer to navigate unexpected challenges. Tiffany Kleppe, the operations leader at A2Z sees the Cilio platform as a partner and a super-coordinator on her team. You can hear her talk about this in the video below. 

The newfound ability to streamline scheduling and coordination processes not only enhances efficiency but also positions businesses to meet customer expectations with precision and ease. Automated scheduling has been a core CIlio capability for years. But we’re not standing still and have some groundbreaking announcements to make in this area very soon. So, stay tuned!

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