Automated Scheduling for Installers

Automated Scheduling for Installers

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Installation Management

Welcome to the future of installation scheduling!

Cilio's newest feature, Automated Scheduling, is a game-changer for fast-paced installation companies managing a high volume of jobs. With auto scheduling, you can efficiently handle the complexities of scheduling installations for your customers without the need for an extensive team to take calls and communicate with customers. Cilio makes it smoother, faster, and more reliable.

Features at a Glance

  • Automated Crew Selection:

    Cilio's system first identifies the right crew options for each job based on all the variables we measure, and then offers appointments to customers based on their open availability.

  • Customer Self-Service:

    Customers receive a text message with a link to access an online view with next available appointments and check availability for a specific date. If they don’t find a desired appointment, the customer can contact your office directly through the portal.

  • Efficient Scheduling:

    With 95% of text messages being read within 3min, your customers can schedule appointments far faster and more consistently than your office ever could.


Your Installation, Your Schedule

Automated Scheduling empowers your customers to select their preferred installation time directly from their mobile devices. Our intelligent system identifies the best-suited crew for each job while taking into consideration their capacity and availability. Once Cilio identifies the right team for the job, schedules are effortlessly created. We remove the manual work of your scheduling team and enable your customers to get the highest quality service possible.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Reduced Overhead:

    Minimize phone calls and emails, and grow your business without increasing headcount. The “busy season” doesn’t FEEL quite as busy now.

  • Less Hassle, More Focus:

    Say goodbye to the daily grind of manual scheduling. Let Cilio handle the logistics, freeing your team to focus on proactive tasks.

  • Error Reduction:

    Automated processes mean fewer mistakes, like scheduling the wrong technician or overlooking specific job requirements.

  • Step in Slowly:

    If you like the efficiency but are nervous about putting this in front of your customer right away, your scheduling team can set the auto scheduling options to test it on any applicable job first.

  • Customer Empowerment:

    By offering self-service scheduling, you enhance customer experience and control.

worker looking at orders on computer

Behind the Scenes

At the core of Cilio's Automated Scheduling is a highly advanced system to intelligently handle the complex task of scheduling installations without straining your team. The system intuitively conducts a thorough data analysis to make sure your scheduling process runs smoothly and quickly responds to the different needs of every job.

Cilio's Automated Scheduling isn't just a scheduling tool; it's a comprehensive solution that considers:

Field Tech Variables

  • Days of the week availability

  • Work location & exceptions

  • Tech’s daily capacity

  • Minimum job size

  • How long they work each day

  • Tech vacations & time off

  • Max days in a row to book

  • Miles between jobs

  • Skillsets of the tech

  • Individual items sold

  • Your custom qualifying questions

  • Lead Safe certifications

  • Limit locations by day

Product Specifics

  • Labor Category

  • Your custom questions by category

  • Custom SKU weighting

  • Acclimation time (flooring)

  • What NOT to auto-schedule

  • Special qualifying questions

  • Zip code exclusions

  • Custom workflow by company

  • Mileage: Location to customer

  • Cutoff time by category


Our Aim Is to Streamline Your Operations While Improving Efficiency

We aim for 70% of all jobs to be scheduled by customers with no need for office intervention, simplifying your processes like never before. Recognizing that some jobs are sensitive and need to maintain the human touch, you can exclude certain types of jobs, or remove a job from being auto-scheduled with just one click.


Join the Revolution in Installation Management

With Cilio's Automated Scheduling, you will enhance your efficiency, reduce overheads, and deliver an unparalleled installation experience to your customers. Start adding the “WOW” factor to your customer experience and embrace the future of installation management today!