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Cilio Automation Factory offers high-quality software and faster delivery with the power of DevOps, uplifting your business operations.

DevOps Consulting Services

Optimize your software development life cycle with DevOps and scale up to the top of the market

Businesses can consult DevOps services to optimize their software development process, bringing automation and better streamlining in their software development life cycle. We will deliver on-demand workload management, automated testing techniques, and lightweight architecture.

With our years of expertise in DevOps, we believe in creating a bridge to solve the problems of quality and operations. From AWS to Azure, we are highly experts in cloud integration, unlocking the power of cloud infrastructure. So, what are you waiting for? Consult us, integrate, deploy and deliver a faster software development life cycle.

DevOps Services Consulting

Cilio Automation Factory serves you as a partner so that you can achieve efficiency, reduce time, effort, and cost, and deliver high-quality products to your clients. Our agile strategies assist you in providing a development infrastructure that adds value to your business. Further, the automated algorithms in business operations will reduce the chances of human errors. Our highly efficient tools guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate to help you focus on your business goals.

Automating and accelerating your development process is our priority. Our team of experts will ensure that your business integrates CI/CD services, improving your delivery cycle. CI/CD pipeline provides assessments and performs configuration management to fast-track the delivery cycle with upgraded software quality.

With a strong experience in Cloud management, achieve leading cloud efficiency with Automation Factory. We are well versed in AWS and MS Azure, where our DevOps team integrates cloud platforms' power into your business development lifecycle. We adhere to the best practices and guidelines to design a suitable and sustainable solution that assists your needs for a very long time. Cilio Automation Factory is a reliable partner for Microsoft Gold service. Configure your services and load distribution to maximize the utilization of critical resources.

Partnering with Cilio Automation Factory will also leverage you with complete Cloud Migration Services. From landing zones in the cloud continuum to regulating data sovereignty, we work with you to determine the right cloud strategy, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partners. We help our clients to accelerate migration and modernization to Cloud that is secure, cost-effective, and agile.

Experience the benefits you gain with DevOps


Innovate for your customers faster with the power of DevOps with its promised faster efficiency in the development process. Drive business results and stay adaptive to the changes in the market.

Faster Delivery

Since DevOps will improve your product development efficiency, you can release new features and bug fixes faster for your customers, winning the competitive advantage.

Improved Collaboration

Team building is a valuable term, and DevOps cultural model provides greater control of ownership and accountability with improved collaboration in your business operations. Teams can closely work with combined workflows and reduce the efficiencies, time, and efforts to focus on more important tasks.


Retaining control and preserving compliances is one of the key solutions with DevOps. It uses automated compliance policies and configuration management techniques to promote a better overall ecosystem.

Related Case Studies


Using DevOps With Multi-Cloud Kubernetes To Build A Hedge Fund Trading Signal Platform

Hedge Funds use trading signals to chart out investment and redemption strategies. To create these trading signals, sophisticated funds rely on alternative external datasets.

Our client was building a suite of Python applications to create the said trading signals platform. On top of that, to truly empower it, the client planned to build big data processing pipelines.

Achieve Digital Transformation & club growth with our unmatched Cloud Migration Services

At Cilio Automation Factory, we deploy Cloud migration services and a full range of DevOps services. Our comprehensive cloud migration framework combines industrialized capabilities with exclusive pre-configured industry-specific tools, methods, and automation across all cloud models and multiple delivery methods.

Cloud Migration Discovery and Analysis

At Cilio Automation Factory., we use expert services that unleash the true potential for your cloud migration needs. We use proprietary tools that help us to scan and assess your infrastructure, application & data to determine the best fit services based on strategic business needs. Comprehend our best cloud migration discovery and analysis services to get the best market for your requirements.

Sovereign Cloud Services

We are experts at delivering sovereign cloud services to our customers so that they can unlock the actual value of data and protect data in ways that align with regional values and industry standards. Hire our skilled engineers and multiply your business growth at a higher pace.

Cloud Migration Strategy and Planning

We perform cloud migration strategy and planning services where we access the business every tiny need, recommend the optimal migration strategy, and develop a roadmap to move existing workloads to the cloud that reduces risk, time, and costs.

Cloud Migration Execution

We are best at performing Cloud migration execution as we use automated cloud migration tools to support a smooth transition and a transformation management plan to stay on track. Hire our skilled engineers who are masters at Cloud migration services and employ the best cloud migration execution services.

How We Work


Analyzing current IT infrastructure


Suggesting a tailor-made solution


Implementing the solution


Providing 24/7 support

DevOps & Cloud Migration Technologies

Our DevOps & Cloud migration developers and architects use the best tools and technologies available on the market.

We are strongly committed to open source technologies so our customers do not have to pay additional fees after implementations.

Why Partner with us for your DevOps & Cloud Services Requirement?


Complex Delivery Experience

With a vast year of experience, Cilio AutomationFactory helps organizations streamline the release cycles of different applications. Our technical team of experts ensures the best CI/CD practices are implemented that derive excellent quality & manageable code & faster delivery.


Talented & Experienced Team

Our DevOps & Cloud team has years of experience & expertise in core technologies and offers excellence at every stage of your DevOps and Cloud migration journey. Our talented team of expert engineers develops products with excellent delivery rates. Our results-oriented process ensures the success rate.


Best security Integration

At Cilio AutomationFactory, we think about security and compliance at every stage of work so that there wouldn't be any scope of ambiguity in the project and our partner can get faster product delivery at a pocket-friendly rate. Our developers, through DevSecOps & Cloud Migration as a service, put integrated security at the product's core while providing proven ways to monitor results.


Dedicated DevOps & Cloud team

We have a dedicated pool of DevOps & Cloud team that holds mastery in solving our client's issues with an innovative and individual approach. Our experts thoroughly comprehend our client's every specific requirement and procure the best methodologies to achieve their desired results.

Trust is a foundation for great technology projects & products

Our customers from various industries often cooperate with Addepto for many years. Together we are trying to achieve strategic goals and build innovative products and solutions based on Big Data technology & solutions. It's all because of our commitment to stay a trusted Big Data Consulting and service partner. That means that we work as an extension of our clients’ teams staying close to their needs rather than an outsourcing agency.

John Doe

Senior Sysadmin

We are experienced professionals who understand that IT services are changing, and are partners who care about your and your customers' success.

Anand Khatri

Project Manager

Extremely happy with the service. They kept the front end of our business-process as familiar as possible. This saved time for re-learning.


Project Manager

Extremely happy with Cilio Automation Factory in supporting the solution and would definitely consider Cilio Automation Factory as an IT vendor in the future.


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