How To Become a Lowe’s Installer

Since 2008, we’ve supported installation companies as they learned how to become a Lowe’s installer and then how to become a better PROvider. In some trade categories, Cilio supports over half of their installation volume in the field. Cilio’s direct integration with Lowe’s IMS simplifies the amount of work needed to handle the increased volume of work – and paperwork! 

For well over 20 years Lowe’s has offered numerous opportunities for installation companies to grow their business. Their network of independent Service PROviders gives Lowe’s customers the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of local installation companies. 

Benefits of Working With Lowe’s

The are Pros and Cons to becoming a Lowe’s installer. As a Lowe’s independent service provider, you’ll enjoy several benefits:

  • No cost of obtaining work. Jobs simply get assigned to you!
  • You can take advantage of Lowe’s advertising, thereby increasing job opportunities.
  • Direct product delivery to worksites, reducing logistics hassles.
  • Access to Lowe’s vendors for product training and special pricing.
  • Consistent customer traffic due to Lowe’s marketing efforts.

Responsibilities as a Lowe’s Service Provider

  • Keep Lowes updated via their online portal
  • Provide exceptional craftsmanship and professionalism
  • Maintain good communication with all Lowes and their customers
  • Keep current all required licenses/insurance
  • Deliver work in expected timelines

How to Become a Lowe’s Installer

Before applying to become a subcontractor for Lowe’s, confirm that your company is fully licensed and certified according to the state requirements. Lowe’s demands that all installers meet these standards. Working without a license can lead to legal actions and your application being rejected. 

The application to become a Lowe’s installer consists of 5 steps: 

  • Answer Questions: Provide details about your installation business.
  • Background Check: Sign up for a mandatory background check.
  • Insurance Information: Submit your current insurance details, ensuring they meet Lowe’s requirements.
  • Submit Application: Once all information is provided, submit your application.

Once you’ve completed the application process, Lowe’s will consider your application for future partnership opportunities. 

Ways to Improve Your Chances

Lowe’s will screen your application and consider your company’s ability to represent the Lowe’s brand and fulfill jobs they send to you. Here are some things to help your company look better for consideration:

  • Having the ability to cover wide ranges of geography with your crews
  • Having the ability to quickly scale to expand with the volume of work
  • Demonstrating business organization and proficiency
  • Having the ability to build good working relationships between customers, store personnel, and Lowe’s leadership
  • Learn from other Lowe’s PROviders the various tips to be a successful Lowe’s contractor

Leveraging Cilio for Efficiency

Once your application is approved and you’ve joined the trusted network of Lowe’s PROviders, Cilio is your best choice for managing your installation jobs and keeping Lowe’s updated of your progress. 

Cilio offers robust tools to manage Big Box installation jobs efficiently:

  • Direct Integration: Cilio integrates directly with Lowe’s online portal, called Lowe’s IMS, providing a centralized platform for managing all jobs from start to finish​​​​.
  • Work Management: Cilio pulls job details, installs, permits, and work orders from Lowe’s IMS portal for all trade categories​​. The install management feature of Cilio makes your life easier and speeds up your ability to complete new jobs from Lowe’s. 
  • Real-Time Updates: Maintain your work schedule in Cilio, and it will automatically sync with Lowe’s site​​.
  • Work in ONE system: Your Lowes business plus your own work is all scheduled and managed from the same place.


Becoming a Lowe’s installer can significantly boost your business. Following these steps diligently and leveraging Cilio’s comprehensive tools can streamline the process and help you in maintaining a successful partnership with Lowe’s.

Want to Learn More?

Take your business to the next level as a Lowe’s PROvider with Cilio, the leading field management software solution for installation companies. Contact us or schedule a demo to see how Cilio can optimize your installation operations.

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