How To Become a Home Depot Contractor

At Cilio, we’ve supported installation companies as they learned how to become a Home Depot contractor. Cilio’s direct integration with Home Depot’s Service Center simplifies the amount of work needed to handle the increased volume of work – and paperwork! 

Home Depot offers numerous opportunities for installation companies to grow their business. Their network of independent Service Providers gives Home Depot’s customers the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of local installation companies. 

Benefits of Working With Home Depot

There are Pros and Cons to becoming an installer with Home Depot. As a Home Depot independent service provider, you’ll enjoy several benefits:

  • Access to Home Depot’s Service Center account, offering personalized offers and business management tools.
  • Direct product delivery to worksites, reducing logistics hassles.
  • Access to Home Depot’s vendors for product training and special pricing.
  • Advantage of Home Depot’s advertising, increasing job opportunities.

Responsibilities as a Home Depot Service Provider

  • Deliver exceptional craftsmanship and customer service.
  • Respectfully represent the Home Depot brand.
  • Maintain necessary licenses and insurance.
  • Prioritize Home Depot’s job scheduling.

How to Become a Home Depot Installer

Prior to submitting your application to become a subcontractor with Home Depot, ensure that your business possesses all the necessary licenses and certifications as mandated by your state’s regulations. Home Depot demands that all installers meet these standards. Working without proper licensing can lead to costly consequences and significantly increases the likelihood of your application being declined.

To become a Home Depot installer you’ll first start by setting up an account on Home Depot’s service provider website and providing details about your installation business.

Below is a summary of documents required for each Home Depot Service Provider:

  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization 
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance that complies with applicable statutory limits
  • Commercial Auto Insurance 
  • Federal EPA Firm Lead Certification and/or State Lead Firm
  • Local and/or State Licenses as required for the type of install your company provides 

As part of the onboarding procedure, your company’s principals and personnel must undergo an initial background check, a process that is repeated every two years. 

Every six months Home Depot carries out criminal background checks for each individual with a badge at no extra cost. 

All background screenings include:

  • Social Security number verification
  • Criminal background investigations
  • Credit report and a motor vehicle records report validation

Once you’ve completed the application process, Home Depot will consider your application for future partnership opportunities. 

Leveraging Cilio for Efficiency

Once your application is approved and you’ve joined the trusted network of Home Depot Service Providers, you’ll be required to receive work and provide updates via their “Service Center” portal. 

The challenge that many providers face is the duplication and extra work of keeping Service Center updated along with their own business management & scheduling system. This is where Cilio can help as the largest third party software provider for Home Depot Providers. We’ve built the integration to keep Service Center updated with all the tools YOU need to run your business. Here’s a few examples:

Cilio offers robust tools to manage Big Box installation jobs efficiently:

  • Direct Integration: Cilio integrates directly with Home Depot’s Service Center including HD Leads, providing a centralized platform for managing all work from start to finish​​​​.
  • Work Management: Cilio pulls job details, installs, permits, and work orders from Home Depot’s Service Center for all trade categories​​. The install management feature of Cilio makes your life easier and speeds up your ability to quote or complete new jobs from Home Depot. 
  • Real-Time Updates: Maintain your work schedule in Cilio, and it will automatically sync with Home Depot’s site​​.
  • Automated Documentation: Generate and upload necessary documents to Home Depot with ease, streamlining the paperwork process​​.


Becoming an installer for Home Depot can really help your business grow. It’s great whether it’s your main job or just to keep your team busy. By carefully following these steps and using Cilio’s tools, you can make the process easier and build a strong relationship with Home Depot.

Want to Learn More?

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