Streamline, Automate, and Optimize: Unlocking Lowe’s IMS Potential with Cilio

Navigating the world of installation management can often feel like a complex maze, but it doesn’t have to be.

While the partnership with Lowe’s has streamlined the acquisition of work for your installation company, managing the increased volume of tasks might present a new set of complexities for Lowe’s PROviders who toggle between multiple systems to complete new jobs. 

Cilio is a powerful field service management solution to manage all leads and jobs that your company generates, while also seamlessly integrating with Lowe’s IMS portal. The Cilio suite of features updates the Lowe’s Installation Management System (IMS), allowing you to manage your Details, Work Orders, Installation jobs, and much more with unparalleled ease. 

Whether it’s the challenge of handling status changes on Lowe’s IMS or adhering to stringent “Lead Safe” protocols, Cilio’s user-friendly system is here to streamline your processes. Cilio installation management software enables Lowe’s independent contractors to effectivelyautomate communication, optimize scheduling, and ensure compliance with safety standards, all designed with the goal of making your life easier. 

Here are four ways Cilio gives Lowe’s PROviders the solutions they need to bring simplicity, efficiency, and power to their hands. 

Tailoring IMS Integration to Your Needs

Running your company while also meeting the demands of updating the Lowe’s IMS portal can be a bit overwhelming. But not with Cilio. Whether you’re scheduling jobs, communicating with field personnel, or completing paperwork, Cilio’s seamless integration with Lowe’s IMS provides a tailor-made solution for installers and contractors

Cilio’s IMS integration provides flexibility in tailoring the software to the specific needs of installers. Take, for instance, the moment when Lowe’s gathers all the needed products for a job and the IMS system switches to the “Ready to Schedule” status. With Cilio, you have complete control over how you want to manage this status change. We provide the ability to automate the detection of last minute canceled or refunded jobs, pull in survey scores, Lowe’s payments, and so much more. These features are just some of many ways Cilio helps you manage your Lowe’s work the way you like it.

Adhering to Lead Safe Protocols

Lowe’s strict “Lead Safe” program aligns closely with federal and state regulations on lead-based paint testing and handling. Lowe’s will designate certain jobs as “Lead Safe,” requiring installers to perform lead tests. To comply, Lowe’s needs the credentials of the tester and the company, the complete test results, and other data saved in IMS.

To streamline this process, Cilio has devised an online form to gather the necessary data. We pre-fill everything possible, offer user-friendly tools for an estimator/installer to collect the remaining information, and then automatically transfer it to Lowe’s at the appropriate stages of the workflow. This feature ensures our clients remain compliant with minimal effort and includes the latest process changes from Lowe’s introduced in March ’23.

Enhanced Routing and Scheduling

Margins can run tight on Lowe’s work, making it more important than ever to make sure your team is getting the most work done with the least windshield time possible. Cilio’s Google Maps integration allows you to visualize a technician’s existing schedule, see job details directly from the map, and overlay unscheduled work to optimize decision-making. Our tools minimize driving time, enabling crews to spend more time on the job. Store stops for product pickup are automatically added when required, and if a job cancels, you can swiftly spot nearby work to fill the void. With crew links for turn-by-turn directions, using this feature from any mobile device is a breeze.

Revolutionizing Customer Communications

Cilio elevates your customer communication by enabling automation of your outbound text/email messages. Messages can be dynamic, automatically inserting job-specific data (like customer name, type of work, appointment times, etc.). Customer replies can trigger any automation in your system. For example, you can text a customer to confirm an installation appointment and Cilio watches for their response, automating subsequent actions based on their reply.

Our customer online view feature provides a link to customers via text or email. With a single click, they can see the status of their job, scheduled appointments, and communicate with you 24/7, all within your own system.

Cilio’s project management software helps Lowe’s installers manage the planning, execution, and tracking of their projects from start to finish. With Cilio, Lowe’s providers have an adaptable, efficient, and effective tool at their disposal, making project management easier and more efficient, all while enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Get the field service management software that’s been designed to work seamlessly with Lowe’s IMS portal. Request a demo today and see how much Cilio can do for you!

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