CiO and Your Business

Quick Background

Cilio CiO is an online software app created by Cilio Technologies. We have been building software for the Remodeling industry and Big Box retail for 20+ years. Our CiO application is designed for installation and service providers both big or small, working within any trade category.

Cilio has built custom integrations that support installers managing their work from multiple big-box retailers and also to their own private dealer/builder networks.  Your CiO app is setup to manage all your work in ONE place, which is configured around the way YOUR company runs. The integration allows you to work within CiO, and automatically updates all necessary parties by passing schedule dates, documents, notes, and even closing big-box activities while your stores and customers are kept informed.

In addition to big-box integrations, our clients use the built-in CiO features to solve pain points like filling out paperwork or tracking crew payroll. Even add Unlimited Users so your whole team has access with no added cost! If you’re currently bouncing between different systems and tools to manage your daily workload, please reach out to see where CiO can help!

  • Google Map integrations with Scheduling and Job Routing.

  • Click and Drag schedule with built-in communications and automatic updates to retailers, builders, crew, customer,s and more.

  • E-signing, Document management, and form creation while sharing files.

  • Note(s) and Comment(s) management.

  • Offline application

  • And Many More!

Next Steps