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Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent webinar on “Growing with CiO”! For those of you who were unable to attend, we covered some of the many great features that current installation providers are using in CiO that are growing their businesses.

Below is a brief outline of the topics we reviewed:

No Hassle-Scheduling

Our scheduling feature in CiO is the simplest format you will find in any system. It has an easy drag and drop scheduling feature. Drag the job onto the calendar, and drop it on the date and time you desire. Plus, countless ways to set the view to your own liking!

Streamline Customer Reviews

Through the CiO system you can easily send your customers a review survey that can be linked to your Google search review or your social media page. The survey request can be sent out automatically once the job is complete and the customers can fill it out easily and hassle-free. This allows your Google review rating to increase which in turn, helps get your company listed higher in Google Search results.

Good reviews will increase your visibility to your customers and community. Without doing anything, you will build a positive reputation for your company. All of our features are designed to help you get credit for the good work you do, and get found easier by people looking for your services, all with zero added effort.

Automated Communication

There are several ways to increase communications with the CiO system.  Text messages and Emails are two easy and important ways to communicate.  As a company you can text / email through the system to your crew, customers, and stores.  This alleviates any lost or misinterpreted communications because it keeps a record of the texts and emails in one central location on the customer’s job page.  This is a quick, easy, and reliable way to keep up on communications.

Lead Capture Techniques

Many of the installation companies we support will advertise to find their own work.  They don’t work completely for a big box store and they need a way to get new customer leads into their system.  Our Public Forms feature allow you to provide a link on your website or any social media format of your choice.  Potential customers can fill out the form with their pertinent information and what type of work they are requesting.  Once they submit the form it goes directly into your CiO system and keeps all the work organized to fit your needs.  Through our many ways of communication you can automatically respond to a customers inquiry.  Very little data entry is needed from your office staff and your efficiency level increases.

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