How to Get Ahead in Lowes Scorecards, Surveys, and LTR

Ever wondered why customer satisfaction is so crucial, especially when it comes to Lowe’s? 

In the field of installation services, getting a high Customer Satisfaction Score means customers are happy, which helps build trust and keeps them coming back. It shows the installer cares about doing a great job and making customers happy, which is important for driving future business. 

Lowe’s measures customer satisfaction through customer phone and email surveys. It’s like a report card for installers, showing how well their crews are doing through the eyes of the customer. 

But here’s the thing – excelling in customer satisfaction isn’t always easy. That’s where Cilio comes in. Cilio is an Installation management software designed to make your company more efficient, more consistent and automated, all with less effort, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction. By leveraging Cilio’s powerful features, installers can improve their scores and increase their Likelihood to Recommend Scores (LTR). 

This blog is all about helping you boost your customer satisfaction scores and get ahead with Lowes. We know how important it is for you to excel in your work and keep customers happy. And with Cilio by your side, achieving excellence has never been more achievable. 

 LTR- how it impacts Customer Satisfaction Score? 

At Lowe’s, LTR (Likelihood to Recommend) is a key measure of customer satisfaction. It’s all about whether customers would recommend services to others. Two important drivers of LTR are Craftsmanship and Professionalism.  

Craftsmanship refers to the quality of work done by installers, while Professionalism focuses on how well installers interact with customers and handle the job.  

By excelling in these areas, Lowe’s aims to ensure happy customers who will gladly recommend their services to others. 

How Cilio helps drive LTR effectively?  

Now, let’s explore how Cilio, a powerful, feature-pack installation management software, drives improvements in Likelihood to Recommend (LTR) by tackling key drivers of customer satisfaction. 

  1. Detail Cycle Time: 

Detail cycle time refers to the time spent on each task. With Cilio, installers can efficiently track and manage the duration of individual tasks, which helps spotlight your time-drains and other opportunities. By streamlining the process, Cilio helps installers complete tasks more quickly and accurately, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction scores. 

  1. Job Cycle Time: 

From the moment a job is created to its completion, Cilio keeps track of every step in the process. By providing real-time updates and insights through powerful features i.e Auto-scheduling, Cilio helps installers manage their time effectively and deliver projects on schedule. This efficiency contributes to higher LTR scores. 

  1. Work Order Cycle Time: 

Cilio simplifies work order management by tracking the time it takes to fulfill each work order. By automating workflows and providing features for effective job scheduling and resource allocation, crew management, Cilio helps installers reduce turnaround times and meet customer expectations. This results in faster service delivery and improved LTR scores. 

  1. Reschedule Rate: 

Reschedule rate refers to how many times a job is rescheduled due to several causes like material unavailability, defective material, Installer unavailability, required skill set of installers unavailability, customer unavailability etc.  

Cilio’s real-time update feature and proactive communication play a crucial role in minimizing reschedule rates. By keeping all stakeholders informed of any changes or delays via chats and push-notifications, Cilio helps prevent disruptions and ensure smooth project execution.  

  1. Overdue Activities: 

Cilio helps installers stay on top of overdue jobs by providing timely notifications and reminders for any job that is overdue because of any gap. Those gaps can be between the customer’s end as well as Lowe’s.  

By prioritizing and addressing overdue activities promptly, installers can maintain workflow efficiency and prevent delays. This proactive management of overdue tasks contributes to improved LTR scores and overall customer satisfaction. 

  1. Escalations: 

Cilio empowers authorized users to address issues like re-scheduling and overdue activities that might cause escalations quickly and effectively.  

By providing real-time solutions for such issues that cause escalations, Cilio helps prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems. This proactive approach to issue management ensures smooth project execution and contributes to higher LTR scores. 

  1. Get it Right (First Time Right): 

Cilio helps installers deliver high-quality service right from the first attempt. By providing features for job management, job scheduling etc, Cilio ensures that installations are completed correctly the first time. This reduces the need for rework and callbacks, leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved LTR scores. 

  1. Vendor Debit: 

Cilio simplifies vendor management by tracking payments and purchase orders. By providing accurate and transparent financial records, Cilio helps installers manage their finances efficiently and avoid payment disagreements.  


Cilio’s comprehensive features and easy-to-use interface make it invaluable installation management software for installers looking to improve their LTR scores and overall customer satisfaction.  

By automating key processes and providing real-time insights, Cilio empowers installers to deliver exceptional service and stay ahead in the competitive landscape of installation services. 

Ready to boost your LTR scores and excel with Lowe’s? Dive into our Data Analytics examples right here, right now!