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Supporting the Package

Support. Getting it, feeling it, asking for it.  No matter how it is used, the word support has a powerful…

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Ask The Right Data Management Questions

Have you ever purchased scheduling and or data management software to solve a business problem only to discover shortly afterwards…

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Cilio CiO – the Secret of Security and Infrastructure

The secret of Cilio CiO’s security is found in the fact that it resides on its big brother’s (Cilio Partners…

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Installers Have No Time for That!

Ok, so let’s start by painting a common Installer (or Installation company) picture, You’ve got 3 un-heard voicemails, a to-do…

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Welcome to Customer Installations Online (CiO)!

This site is designed for Service Providers.  Whether you install windows, doors, plumbing, carpeting, window treatment, appliances or you fabricate…

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